Specialist in knives for the information technonogy
industry, steel, paper, wood working, and all other industries



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Company Profile

Company name
Toyo Knife Co.,Ltd.
Date of establishment
August 9, 1925
Address of head office
34-11 Tomiya-Hiwatashi, Tomiya-shi, Miyagi 981-3311
TEL: +81-22-358-8911 FAX: +81-22-358-8915
Yoshiaki Seino, President
Business contents
Manufacture and sales of industries knives, machineries and spare parts
Business sectors
Knives for Information industry, Steel industry, Paper industry and various other types of odd-shaped knives, etc. Manufacture and sale of industrial machineries and spare parts
700 million yen
Fiscal year
End of March (once a year)
Stock listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (5964)
Total number of shares authorized to be issued: 4,000,000 shares
Total number of shares issued: 1,865,900 shares
Affiliated companies /
Consolidated subsidiaries
TOHA Corporation, Toyo Ryokka Co.,Ltd.
204 (regular employees)
Total number of patents and designs owned and pending: 34.